Our Founder

Donna Lee Reed is a sought after motivational and inspirational speaker, author, and entrepreneurial growth strategist specializing in coaching women and teens in starting up, starting over and starting to growing their vision, business or ministry.

As a single mother of 4 daughters Ms. Reed hand-crafted her way from welfare to success and coached her girls to start their business T-Bags (inspirational gifts) & nonprofit (TBAGS) Teach Boys And Girls Success, teaching youth how to develop their skills and talents to a measurable level of success with an entrepreneurial emphasis. TBAGS is the parent organization to: Home4me, LEG up on LIFE and NFEC annual fundraising Gala. 

Ms. Reed is the Visionary, Founder and National Director of the annual National Family Empowerment Conference & Expo providing entrepreneurial training and resources to teenagers, transitioning them from foster care, adoption & high school to a generation of prepared leaders.   

Ms. Reed’s purpose, passion and mission is in the field of foster care and adoption and to see every young person in a safe home and experience the love of family. As a child she was raised in foster care by one loving family but her decision to leave that environment at eighteen caused her to face the real life experience of a teen aging out of foster care. Ms. Reed encourages people to open their hearts and homes to those who have come to life through one vessel and opportunity to live life through another.

Through conferences, keynotes addresses, preaching and coaching, Ms. Reed has a very unique, compelling and humorous way of inspiring and motivating her listeners to take action and realize their purpose, a profit and results. Ms. Reed is an ordained minister and community advocate who addresses real-life issues with openness and honesty offering real solutions to effectively empower her audience into action. Donna Reed is the proud mother of 4 beautiful daughters, 4 sons-in-law & 18 grandchildren (3 are great grands).

Ms. Reed has been recently featured in Exceptional People Magazine (Dec 2016), Pride Magazine (April 2017) and has received numerous awards in the field of community & youth development.  Above all the articles, awards and recognition’s she has received, Donna’s greatest reward and motivation is her relationship with God and the growth, development & success of those she has impacted with her story, encouragement and coaching.